The Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Program is a program within the Department of Health and Wellness and we share a common goal of advancing a culture of wellness in the province.

In 2014, the PEI Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant program was established to support Islanders who wish to donate their organs and tissues after death. The program also supports those who wish to become living organ donors to a PEI resident.

The primary responsibilities of this program include:

Public Awareness and Education:

Promote organ and tissue donation across the province and encourage Islanders to register their intentions and discuss their wishes with their families. 

Intent to Donate Registry:

Provide a place for Islanders to register their wishes regarding organ and tissue donation after death that is easily accessible to health care providers when and where the information is needed.

Living Donor Reimbursement Program:

Remove financial barriers to living donation by reimbursing some of the out of pocket expenses incurred by the individual who chooses to be a living donor to a resident of PEI or to someone in the Living Donor Paired Exchange.

Health Care Provider Education:

Ensure health care providers on PEI are able to offer  every Island family the option of organ and tissue donation.

Policies and Procedures:

Develop policies and procedures to support health care providers and families in the organ and tissue donation process.

Interprovincial Coordination:

Collaborate and cooperate with provincial and national organizations to ensure that PEI is included in initiatives to improve organ and tissue donation.